Are you thinking of buying a new cellular device or some thing else from the tech gadgets class? Within the beyond few years we have seen an explosion within the market of handheld devices and new tech devices.

These cool new tech devices can do as a good deal, if not more in a few cases, than an old PC could. Like any device that runs packages they want an operating device to achieve this. There are some of these working systems to pick from; the only all of us is talking approximately now could be the Android OS from Google.

What is Android?

This is an working system or OS that runs cellular devices. This OS is based totally on a changed version of the Linux kernel. Google firstly bought the device from Android Inc and feature endured to adapt and evolve it.

Other Mobile Operating Systems

The most typically regarded running structures thus far had been Windows Mobile OS, Apple Mobile OS and Linux.

As time is going on we are seeing more working structures being brought which is forcing all of the fore noted software vendors to conform and strive to be the fine within the hi tech devices market.

So which tech gadgets use which working structures and what are their benefits and downsides?

Windows Mobile OS/Windows CE

The Windows Mobile OS may be observed on a huge variety of phones from many unique manufacturers. So permit’s examine its top factors:

Reliable and stable
A wide range of packages are available
Touch navigation has been improved by way of new interface
Very proper sync capability with Google Mobile and Exchange
Handsets available on networks
Now what are the terrible points:

Old running structures and is at time chunky and gradual
Inconsistent interface
Browser is slower than others like Safari
Interface isn’t always but very user pleasant
The reason for its success up until now has been the truth that Microsoft generally realize what they are doing and include a verified tune record, specifically on a number of the more normally used tech gadgets like cellular telephones, vehicle DVD players and GPS navigators.

Apple commanded a huge percentage of the cellular device marketplace with the introduction of the iPhone which has been named amongst the excellent tech gadgets by means of diverse writers and pundits.

The iPhone OS for now handiest runs comfortably at the iPhone itself, with the iPad and iTouch running a version of this.

What are the professionals and cons of the iPhone OS?
What are the professionals?

Very reliable
Lots of apps to pick from
The pleasant touch navigation interface
Switch among apps seamlessly
Quick and slick
What are the cons?

Apple gadgets can be highly-priced
Apps best to be had from Apple The Apple OS has been a success as it changed into the nice whilst it was launched and while Apple released its iPhone series it was new and designed for the hundreds.

Again with the Linux Mobile OS it’s miles available on a number of hello tech devices, however what are the blessings and disadvantages?


Many Linux apps are free
Open supply method anyone can write programs for it
Lots of aid to be had on the internet

Still has some insects
No legit assist line
Cannot run Microsoft apps
Other running systems which are widely used are the Symbian OS, the Palm OS and BlackBerry.

At the instant plainly these running structures are falling at the back of the ones point out previously in the article.

It is new innovations and mass attraction which can be the primary motives for this.

So why has the Android operating gadget advantage a lot recognition?

Well the main reason for this the reality that it is Linux based totally. This approach it has plenty extra 1/3 birthday celebration applications available for it.

So what are the professionals and cons?


As cited before it’s far open source
Easily hacked
Constant updates furnished
Lots of companies designing apps for it

Handsets confined
Power control troubles
Interface now not person friendly
With the relative cheapness of Chinese OEM merchandise we’ve visible the android being added to extra humans fast. After reading this text you should have a higher concept of what mobile OS fits you.

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