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If you ever feel like a failure in your life, that you failed in accomplishing anything significant and are therefore worthless to any degree, do this little calculation.

The world today is all about encouragement, positive reinforcement, that anyone can do anything, which is simply a guarantee for disappointment since we are not all capable of anything.

If that method worked well, there would be a lot more successful and happy people and a lot less depression. Considering the booming antidepressant drug market, the objective evidence is that this is not working.

Buddhism has the opposite view of the modern methods of finding happiness and personal growth. The current ways are to acquire more information, more ‘tools’ more knowledge, and use that to make yourself better.

Buddhism says that we are already in essence perfect, but we have accumulated too many false ideas, negative thoughts, desires and selfish interests. We must remove what we have accumulated in order to reveal the perfection that we essentially are.

I put it in the simple analogy of your body is clean and beautiful but you are wearing many layers of very dirty, smelly, disgusting, baggy, ugly cloths. If you take them off, you will reveal the beautiful body you have underneath.

I use the body as an analogy but I know we do not all have that perfect figure. An example is just an example. However, we all do have the perfect and pure soul.

Generally, although I have heard of some exceptions, we come out of the womb without any evilness. The bad qualities are learnt and formed as we grow up. Some parents said that their baby was nasty from birth, and that could be due to events between conception and birth that effected the fetus, as has been proven scientifically that we do learn even while in the womb.

We are talking about the perfect spark of life that enters at the first moment that the sperm and egg turn into what will become a human being. That thing is perfect beauty because all the dirt and crap of a human is acquired while we are human.

Thus the point is, when you get rid of all the negative emotions that is in your mind that makes you a bad or miserable person, feeling depressed and hopeless, you will attain that original state. That is what Buddha and some others taught, and that is the basis of this exercise and the concepts behind Ethicalism.


Make a list of all the famous and special people in history for the last 500 years.

Now calculate how many people have been on earth in that time.

Assuming that there were 500 million people on the planet 500 years ago and that they were replaced because they died with an increasing population every 50 or 60 years. Today there are over 7 billion people on the planet.

A reasonable estimate is that in the last 500 years there have been at least 30 to 40,000,000,000 people on the planet. In my life alone we have increase from less than 3 billion to 7.5 billion, so the number is increasing rapidly.

An engineer worked out the percentage of all the famous people who have achieved anything significant known or unknown to be 0.00003%.

Now consider if you are really that much of a failure considering how many other people never achieved anything in their life.

What is the determination of failure and success? It’s a comparison, a competition between one and another, who wins the race, who stands out above all others, that is how we determine success in today’s world.

When you realize the competition is between you and 99.99997% you will realize you are not a failure in any way. Then the negativity will dissolve and you will have the positive energy to move forward.

Negativity and depressed thoughts are what destroys the energy to move forward and achieve your potential, whatever that is for each person.

We must remove negativity and all the illusions which bring us down, that is the key. Stop negativity and you will have infinite positive energy automatically.

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