It really surprises me to see there are so many reviews and articles based on specific products that are being used only to fill up web pages. These reviews and articles are simply placed on empty website pages hoping that individuals will have something to read when they are visiting the website. Or, these are used in the hope that people will get impressed by reading the content and go out to buy that particular product mentioned in the article. Although reviews and articles found on websites are really helpful as they provide helpful information, these can also be used to make some real cash. Is it any good to write product reviews and articles about different products and brands in the hope that someone will go and buy this product? Definitely not, because you can easily earn some money if you use your writing skills at the right place.

It is true that there is no way to earn money from reviews and articles if you don’t have your own website or a blog or affiliate links. But, you must not forget that there are review sites which pay freelance writers for writing for their products. These websites also pay for your old reviews and articles and this is when you can use them to earn some cash. When you look at the paid to review sites, you will find that they have hundreds and thousands of products listed. You can simply think of an item that you have in your home and find out if that product is listed on the site. You can then compare the reviews on various sites of the same product and write your own to be published on the paid to review website.

It is not only physical products for which you can write reviews. On these review websites, you also get to write about the various restaurants, hotels, services and other websites. There are even creative content sections on the sites where you can talk about relationships, life as well as death.

The good thing about these sites is that they are free to join. On these sites, you don’t only get paid for your reviews, but also for the ratings and votes you get by people. Basically, readers will compare between the different reviews and rate the ones they find most useful. The best way to get more ratings is by reading other people’s reviews, compare them and write your own so you have the most useful information available for readers.

People who have a flair for writing and need to make some extra income should join these free review websites. Here, you can turn your hard work into some real cash and enjoy the benefits of being a freelance writer.

Garima Oberoi is a shopaholic who has blended her passion for shopping with her technical expertise. Garima has been in the online commerce space for more than a decade and has co-founded, a shopping marketplace that provides comprehensive information about features, prices and availability of all the latest products launched in India. Visit my website to read reviews [] on a number of products


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