Finding Mr. Right or the type of man that you wish for can turn into quite a task and most women find it extremely difficult to find the right one. There could be number of reasons why you are not able to find the right man, read on to know the various reasons…

You don’t know what you want-
Did you really sit down to reflect what type of guy you are looking for? Spare some time and list down the traits and characteristics that you wish in a man, then you will be clear as to what you are looking for. It will be much easier and soon you will find the guy of your dreams.

You are not looking in the right places-
If your wish list includes a guy who is into sports then it is a waste of time looking for him at the museum or art events and you have to concentrate your efforts outdoors where you are more likely to meet someone interesting.

Your expectations are too high-
If your expectations are sky high and you want someone who is perfect in all he does, then you are sure to face disappointment. Be realistic and realize that no one is without flaws, tone down your high demands and you are sure to meet someone you like.

If you act desperate-
In your efforts to find the right guy if you come across as a desperate woman, then you may not be successful in your efforts as men will shy you and will not want to be with someone who is desperate for male company.

If there is air of negativity around you-
If you seem to emanate negativity and have a sad and morose look about you no one will come close. No man wants to be in a place where there are no positive vibes. Be fun loving, cheerful and lively and see how you attract people around you.

Do not get into serial dating-
Maybe in your eagerness to find the right guy you end up dating various men and get a tag of casual dater who flits from one guy to another. You cannot hope to find the right guy if you do not give enough time to your relationship.

Be a new you-
To get the guy you want you need to change your outlook. Don’t make efforts to meet men, but make efforts to do something that delights you or challenges you. Join salsa classes, learn singing, join a club; a new guy might be attracted to the new you.

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