“Hi-ho, Silver! Away!” Yes, The Lone Ranger! I loved that show. Black and white television was great to me because I didn’t know what color looked like-and I had no idea what HD or Blueray was. Black and white was all I needed to escape for an hour.

The tall, dark stranger in white, riding into town, rescuing the damsel in distress, and saving the bank from robbers by capturing the thieves! All of it done on the back of a white stallion. Ah, my hero! Although, I truly believe I just loved the horses best…so much for heroes. http://www.cryptocurrencytradingcn.com

We often think of the Lone Ranger as one guy by himself, but the greatest thing about the show was his side-kick, Tonto. Tonto and the Lone Ranger also had very well-trained horses that answered their whistles and commands. I don’t think life could get much better than that, do you?

Lots of single people sometimes feel like the Lone Ranger. Their lives consist of work and long weekends and evenings alone. They become depressed and almost like hermits as they sequester themselves inside the four walls of their homes. Here’s what I have to say about that…GO DO LIFE! You’re only a hermit because you choose to be. There is so much of life to experience as a single. I know, because I am one.

Four years ago my beloved husband of 40 years was finished with his mission on this earth and took the early train to heaven. I could sure sit around and be upset about that. I could pout and cry and even stomp my feet at God if I chose to. But the day he died I stood in his hospital room looking out the window onto the hospital roof covered with large stones. There were so many it was hard to count and they were all touching each other somehow. I thought to myself, Those stones are like my family. We’re all touching each others’ lives and however I react to my husband’s death is going to affect them all. Will I be upset, sure. Will I grieve, you bet. Will I be mad at God for doing this? I couldn’t do that to my kids and all our connected family. I choose to take the road less traveled and rejoice in all Tom was able to accomplish in his life, rather than focusing on the negatives of his passing.

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